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Thursday, 12 March, 2015 05:26 am

The Old Ones Featuring: Touch Is Automatic

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The Old Ones is a collection of live performances I shot in the nightclubs around Minneapolis and Saint Paul from 1993-2001.  The shows have been broken down into one song segments with no particular order for a quick and easy view. The master tapes have traveled great distances so embrace the quality and charm. I will attempt to give some information and will welcome all relevant comments.


                Touch Is Automatic

Looking for some extra fiber in your diet? Have a listen to "That Prozac Situation"


filmed by Bill Draheim at First Avenue & 7th St Entry back in the mid 90's.


Your colon will thank you... 

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‪#‎Abrasive‬ ‪#‎Live‬ ‪#‎Rock‬ ‪#‎FirstAvenue‬ ‪#‎7thStEntry‬ 

Looking to put a little "pep in your step" this morning? Why not crank up this

groovy little tune called "Flava" from theMurphy's Law show at

First Avenue & 7th St Entry back in '97? Big thank you to Bill Draheim 

for the vid and since it's the season of giving feel free to share the vid

with others! Enjoy... ‪#‎touchisautomatic‬ ‪#‎murphyslaw‬ ‪#‎live‬ ‪#‎rock‬‪#‎7thstentry‬


Start your week off right by cranking this jam: "Cold Shoulder as an Art form." By far one of our favorites to play. A big thank you to Bill Draheim for "capturing the magic." Rocking out at First Avenue & 7th St Entry back in 90's. Turn it up and share away! #rock #firstavenue #7thstentry#coldshoulder #loud #live #goesto11

"Throwing it back" to another live performance at First Avenue & 7th St Entry captured by Bill Draheim. Here's a very rare version of "BRAK," which ended up on our last unreleased album: Automann. This one has some bite. Crank it or Spank it! Feel free to share… #tbt #Firstavenue#7thstentry #touchisautomatic #live #brak #rock

Oh the hits just keep coming! Live version of "Pleasantville" at First Avenue & 7th St Entry. Another gem from Bill Draheim. It's a little fuzzy, but we are "throwing it back" to the 90's right?  Crank it or spank it…#tbt #live #firstavenue#rock #loud

More footage from First Avenue & 7th St Entry filmed by Bill Draheim back in '97. "Secondly" from Also Available On Beta. Feel free to share. Turn it up to 11… #TBT#touchisautomatic #rock #7thStEntry 
Brian Byrne This was a great band,


Another gem shot by Bill Draheim while opening for Dropkick Murphys at First Avenue & 7th St Entry in '97. Check Bill's Blog for great vids under "The Old Ones."


This show was shot in early 1997. Touch was opening for Dropkick Murphy's. You can see the talent in David Joe Holiday who went on to form Kentucky Gag OrderBelles of Skin City, and currently The Book Of Right On.

Opening for The Dropkick Murphys in '97 at First Avenue & 7th St Entry…"Letter Of Intent" from Also Available on Beta. Shot by Bill Draheim#touchisautomatic #dropkickmurphys#7thstreetentry

Hey Bill- More Touch Is Automatic vid's!
Thanks Brandon. I have 13 more Touch is Automatic Videos scheduled to come out on the 1st of July 2014 through May 2015. 
Subscribe here http://billdraheim.com so you don't miss them.
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+Bill Draheim Awesome-no one has really uploaded any of our material (I'm the drummer).  I have a ton of footage that needs to be digitized…Feel free to share your links on our Facebook Fan Page: https://www.facebook.com/touchisautomatic?ref_type=bookmark

We can drive traffic to your site from there…Cheers dude!
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